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wool and knits from WATG

A crafter can never have too many supplies and too many tools. A knitter will always be on a lookout for more yarn in new colors and textures, and an additional pair of needles is not a bad thing, either. WATG - the Wool And The Gang wool shop - will be a wonderful source in this case: you can purchase there kits of yarn, needles, patterns and accessories, from simple to sophisticated. Their wool for knitting is top quality, and it comes all the way from the heart of Peru's Andean Highlands. Other knitting kits include everything needed to make super soft 100% cotton sweaters and accessories.

If you are too impatient to knit your own pieces, do not despair: Wool And The Gang is not only a wool yarn shop, but they also sell ready-made knitwear which would be a wonderful handmade gift. The spectrum is just as wide as the variety of yarn colors: there are models for women, men, children and animals, and also pieces for the. This already feels like a trip to a far-away land, which you can wrap around your neck as a winter shawl, or wear all day long with your favorite jeans!

WATG's collections are selections of basic pieces, and there are also seasonal extras, with specially selected designs, colors and finishes. The classic craft of hand-knitting is thus combined with high-end raw materials, which offers a wonderful product and great experience to the wearer. The website is also an adventure - apart from the obvious and described above, you can take advantage of their tutorials, and also find out about the whole idea of "The Gang", about the founders, who, by the way, came from two very different parts of the world. There is also a frequently updated blog and also a Tumblr page - have a peek at their travel, inspiration, some extra tutorials and really cool photos! You can also follow them on FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

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