niedziela, 24 stycznia 2010

a few car thoughts

I get attached to the vehicle I’m driving (I actually had tears in my eyes when my old Neon died and had to be hauled away by a charity), but I do pay some (albeit womanly) attention to what’s around in the streets, and sometimes poke around the web itself.
One of the cars I looked at was 2010 audi s5. The price is much higher than what regular citizens usually invest in their everyday vehicles, but the users who were able to afford it can’t say enough good things in their reviews on the CarConnection site: total satisfaction, awesome “roar of engine”, beautiful handling and other complements. It does look lovely, indeed! Even if there is a disadvantage consisting in not enough space in the back seat – many smaller cars have this problem
Then of course owning a Cadillac would be nice – although somehow in my mind cadillacs are associated with the older generation. It’s not a scientific opinion, though, because some of the models are definitely oriented towards the younger generation(s), like the Escalade, for example.
If we had a larger family, then a crossover vehicle might be nice, like the Lincoln mkt 2010. I somehow dread the idea of owning a mini-van :) This Lincoln got really nice reviews, too, and when I read that it includes a refrigerator, I thought it must be a next generation car, or something.
And then there are, of course, the macho vehicles – the trucks, like the 2010 ford f-150. I don’t think we’ll ever own one (although my carpenter husband did consider it at some point to haul all the tools and machines that he needs in his everyday professional life). Especially after the 2008 “adventure” with sky-rocketing gas prices I would think twice… no, five times, before getting a big ride that we don’t really need. Maybe we’ll get a tiny-little pick-up truck, though, which would be useful during our camping trips, which we started last year.
So – there you have it, a little analysis of this year’s trends… and my growing attachment to the orange Cobalt I currently own :)

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