wtorek, 28 kwietnia 2009

Summer en Provence

We do not have much standard art at home, but one of the pieces – and it is my favorite – is a rather large watercolor featuring lavender fields in Provence, with a lake and a little town on the horizon beneath wonderfully blue sky. No doubt, it is one of my dream trips (on the same list as China, Egypt, Russia, more of Mexico and Peru.)
Obviously, there are numerous resources online. One of them, UK rentals, shows the charming rental properties in Mallemort, a nice little town on Cote d’Azure (love this name!) Who wouldn’t want to spend the summer in a villa like one of those? I could enjoy the warm weather, the azure waters, the wineries in the nearby villages… Or I could just sit on a terrace. I went to look at some more details about the homes, and this one is so gorgeous, both outside and inside. Lovely, how they use different shades of white and off-white to create this rustic, yet elegant atmosphere.
There are some more cottages here that I would love to stay in. My favorite is the little home, tucked in layers of greenery (scroll down to see more photos). I’m much more a fan of irregular-shaped pools than of a square or rectangle. These surroundings would be just perfect to sit and read a book, or do some creative stuff. Just look at that lantern-lit poolhouse and the front terrace! I think this is where writers and poets are born.
One other cool thing I’m seeing here is that at the bottom of the page there is a calendar showing availability. Nice and guest-friendly.
Since the Provence search-adventure was so exciting, I also went to look for other rental properties in France and come up with this list. WOW! I could totally do it! Stone cottages, villas, apartments, chateaux, little houses like this one, which seems to be a picture from a 19th century novel… so much to choose from! This site is definitely worth remembering in case we travel to France some time soon.

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Gail Bartel pisze...

Hi, I just read your comment on my blog...just so you know that the modgepodge on the salt dough will be a bit cloudy in areas where it pools..it will stay glossy otherwise and does not react like some sealers to the salt.
Hope this helps!
aka that artist woman

annqaa pisze...

Dziękuję, że jesteś:)
mam prezent dla Ciebie:

Ania :*

strzelinianka pisze...

kurcze, wszystko zrozumiałam! alez się cieszę, że z moim angielskim nie jest tak najgorzej...

kasia | szkieuka pisze...

Gail - yes, that's what happened on my test item... but now I brush much less m-p at a time, so it looks better.

annqaa - dzieki za prezencik :)

strzelinianko - congratulations! A miejsca piekne, nieprawdaz?

kasia | szkieuka pisze...