czwartek, 9 kwietnia 2009

shopping plans

I was looking at the web site of and it made me think that spring time is coming and summer as well, and I will need to do some shopping! Due to a little financial low during last winter, I didn’t really purchase much clothing or shoes recently. I have a few things in mind, though – necessities, I would say.
The first item on the list is capris, possibly more than one pair. I could spend the entire summer in this kind of wear! Our office allows casual attire throughout the entire week, so I have worn out my pants from last year :). I love the green color here – maybe I wouldn’t be very crazy about the tattoo-inspired pattern (at my age, haha) but the hue is indeed lovely.
The second item is sandals – the type that is useful in hiking; soft, comfortable and trustworthy in their construction, with a band around the ankle. I realize they are not the epitome of elegance, but hiking is more about comfort and safety than about fashion. I’m not seeing anything like that on Zappo’s site, but they have this series of flip-flops in very joyful colors – I wouldn’t say no!
And, finally, who could resist looking at the handbag section… my handbag storage spot at home is overflowing, but I could definitely find a spot for a bag like this. Love the design and the color combination!

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