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Aluminum fabrication

During our travels, I always try to look for factories and other places that offer tours showing how things are manufactured. This, of course, makes more sense in areas with more “civilization”, as we call it – it would be hard to expect an assembly line tour traveling through Utah’s deserts, for example. (They may hold other wonderful surprises, like bridges built over deep precipices – but that’s a slightly different type of attraction.)
Thus we have seen a brewery in nearby Milwaukee, a chocolate factory, a car plant in Detroit, a mint in Canada, a pottery studio, glass-blowing, paper-making… We haven’t been to a metal place, though. It sounds like Amediate Engineering (Aluminium, Stainless & Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication) would be just a perfect place to observe some of the processes of steel and aluminum fabrication.

The Team at Amediate Engineering comprises specialist stainless steel fabrication tradesmen with over 250 years combined experience. They are experts in covering boiler making, sheet metal fabrication work, stainless steel welding, site installations, as well as a range of other metal fabrication related services.
The work done by these stainless steel fabricators covers a range of specialist areas including design, custom fabrication, installation and project management for: Commercial, Industrial, shop fittings, beer systems, specialist trailers and a number of on site specialist fabrication fit outs.
Amediate Engineering Ltd. was founded in 1992 by Ken & Tania Brown-Bayliss. Ken is a qualified fitter and turner and over the last 20 years has built Amediate Engineering Ltd. with a reputation of designing and producing quality engineering products for all kinds of situations and getting them done on time.
Some of the company’s fabrication work includes:
  • Larger fabrication, machining and installation work of up to 10 tonnes for rail systems, breweries, communication companies, boat companies and many others.
  • Bar construction, covering innovative design, fabrication and fit out of brass beer taps and stainless steel systems for pubs, breweries,cafes and bars in various New Zealand locations.
  • Custom fabrication projects like shop fitting design, manufacture and installation for a hair dresser, surf & skate shop and many other smaller retail shops.

And, speaking of our own travels – we have recently visited the Caterpillar exhibit in Peoria, IL – we were very impressed with the giant truck shown in the building, but were also quite surprised at the variety of their products, including for example safety boots, which can even be purchased at the visitor center’s store. Hopefully, this wasn’t our last “industrial” trip – there is much more to see!

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