piątek, 29 marca 2013

barkingmad - what is that?

When I opened the barkingmad website, I immediately fell in love with the color scheme; having just returned from the Caribbeans, I still have before my mind’s eyes the turquoise waters, white sands, red flowers… just what you see on the home page, as far as the colors are concerned!

Barkingmad creates greeting cards (birthday, thank you cards, love, new beginnings, and thinking about you being just a few examples); they also have art prints in various forms, and on different materials, like resin or watercolor paper. I think my favorite is the image blocks – you can get them in a couple different sizes, and they would be just the perfect decorative item, especially as a grouping of several pieces.

The designs are funny and poignant, and they celebrate ups and owns of life, which undoubtedly everybody experiences. Why not spice them up with a little bit of bright colors?

The artist behind these creations, painter Crispin Korschen, is – as she describes herself – lots of pieces making up the whole: a mother, a daydreamer, a lover of all things beautiful and quirky. She lives in Wellington, New Zealand, ad she paints full time and constantly explores new ideas.

She loves the idea of people passing various sentiments one to another; it makes her happy if her designs amuse someone and help express emotions. So – why not take the time to have a look at the barkingmad cards and prints?

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