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internet service

If you are in need of a new dial-up internet and email provider, copper.net is a great option to consider. They have been on the market since 1997 and remain one of the most affordable dial-up plans available today, serving the continental US and Canada. The company is 100% American – they do not outsource any part of their business overseas.

As Copper.net’s President, Marc Hawk, has said, the company’s mission is “to provide inexpensive internet access with the highest quality in the world.” The extensive experience and stability over the years have earned Copper.net excellent reputation.

One of the advantages is that installation of any proprietary software is not required, there are no lengthy downloads – so the whole process is faster and more streamlined. The service is fully compatible with all major internet browsers and email programs. This internet service comes with free customer service, as well as email, virus protection, pop-up blocker and spamblocker. The company also cares greatly about their customers’ privacy – the information about the users’ online habits will not be tracked, sold or released for any type of gain.

The basic services start at less than $10 a month. One can also upgrade to higher speed with a premium account. DSL and satellite are available as well – and all these do not exhaust the options offered by Copper.net yet: you can also get CopperArchive (email backup, storage, retrieval and recovery) and IDrive (2GB of free, easily accessible online space to back up your files, photos, music etc.)

Copper.net has a sister company called Everything Computer Related (ECR) that offers Voice over IP, or VoIP; finally, Copperhosting offers a wide variety of website hosting and design options – both to create a personal homepage or when you want to give your business an internet boost.

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