piątek, 23 listopada 2012


If you are in need of a tarp, cover, film or shade, mytarp.com is a wonderful resource, located in Marietta, GA. The company strives to offer all sorts of cover-related products of superior quality at great prices and with outstanding service. Just look at the website to see the huge variety of categories!

As an example, they offer the frequently-seen blue tarps - we have come across those many times while camping, but they can also be used in construction, landscaping and for other short-term needs. The ones sold by mytarp.com are waterproof, UV-treated on both sides and equipped with rust-resistant grommets, as well as heat-sealed seams and rope-reinforced hems.

From a totally different category, the company offers welding screens; they come in many different sizes. Their patented modular design and square tubes offer outstanding durability and flexibility in use. The panels can be rearranged in minutes to adapt to new requirements. The components are made from sturdy 18-gauge steel, covered with black rust-resistant enamel finish.

Finally, if you find yourself in need of a custom made tarps for your special items, mytarp.com will be glad to send you a quote in one or two business days, once you supply them with a few simple details. You will have a choice of many materials and colors, specific grommet spacing etc.

These are examples of only three out of numerous categories of products listed on mytarp.com; the possibilities are endless, and the knowledgeable personnel strives to find the best solution possible for every customer.

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