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custom address plaques

One of the bigger accomplishments in life is acquiring a home – some of us have dreams of a perfect abode, where their imagination and research plans all the fine details; some perhaps focus less on the minutiae but still seek a comfortable and satisfying place to live. And once we have this proverbial roof over our head, wouldn’t it be nice to adorn it with a stately, yet affordable address plaque?

A variety of custom address plaques is available at justaddressplaques.com. The customer can select from residential address plaques for walls, lawns and to be hung on posts. Also, different styles are available: Williamsburg, Whitehall, Providence, to mention just a few options. They range from very simple ones, like ovals or rectangles featuring just the number of the residence (an example being some of the Gaines address plaques), to more ornate ones, decorated with oak or ivy leaves, flags, dueling deer, shells, birds, pinecones and other motifs.

To make the search easier, the website includes a Power Filter, where you can specify various factors, like the size, material, color, price range and even nighttime visibility.

The company prides itself on excellent customer service, as shown in testimonials and also a number of customer-friendly initiatives and policies like deal of the day (daily web specials) reward points, lowest price guarantee and return policies. Thus, even if one is short on cash after purchasing and furnishing a new home, adding a decorative address plaque, this final touch, this proverbial cherry on the cake, is easy and quite affordable.

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