środa, 21 lipca 2010


The art of letter-writing may seem to be disappearing, but we still receive plenty of snail-mail on a daily basis. The post office isn't going anywhere, and neither are the mailboxes. There is a site that responds to this need, mailboxesixchange.com, whose creators dub it as "the marketplace for mailboxes and curbside decor". You will be welcomed there by a slideshow of some sample boxes there and your eyes will be amazed right away at the variety of classy products.

The design of the pieces is very appealing, be it regular wall mount mailboxes that you could easily imagine on your property, or a set of multi-unit mailboxes, or specialty locking and secure ones. The company offers pieces in multiple styles, from the historic Victorian to ultra-modern stainless steel look, resembling some of the sleek kitchen equipment. Many of them feature elegant lettering and the added bonus of having a customized, one-of-a-kind mailbox is certainly a tempting advantage.

The mailboxes are not only charming to the eye, but they are also built to withstand the elements and other mishaps. They are extremely durable and lightweight at the same time, and also covered with a protective finish, so they can survive years of wear and tear. Many of the designs are available in a variety of colors.

At mailboxixchange.com you can also enhance your curb appeal in other ways. Apart from mailboxes, their vast offer includes address plaques and numbers, as well as tons of other details, like finials (I personally love the copper ones), planters, doormats, flagpole ornaments, doorbells, firepits, lanterns, sundials, door knockers and many, many more - over 2500 items in total. (I was a little puzzled by the rain chains, but after reading the description of this product, I must say I would be willing to try one out, if I had a garden.)

The site's design is nice and orderly; searching and viewing products is very intuitive. The information presented is clear and well-organized, both in paragraphs and in bullet points. Customer reviews are available, as well as order tracking and live help. All in all, it should be a pleasant and easy shopping experience for anybody desiring a new, personalized mail receptacle for their home or office.

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Mrouh pisze...

hmmm, niektóre całkiem ładne, aż żal, że w blokach w Polsce obowiązują euroskrzynki standaryzowane, które zdaje się są i tak własnością poczty i nic nie można z nimi zrobić, w sensie ozdabiać... parę ładnych słówek znalazłam do nauczenia:-)