środa, 11 marca 2009

on cars | o autkach

Today we will talk a bit about cars. Since I am a woman, the COLOR is a very important factor (I drive an orange 2-door Cobalt and am perfectly happy about it). I do have some other opinions as well, though. And memories. Who doesn’t have memories?
A look at this page reviewing Audi a3 sparked a rather fond memory of a big and heavy Audi we used to have… The color was beautiful, resembled a glass of wine… I remember a wonderful summer trip to Wisconsin we took in it. Unfortunately, we traded it in for a new vehicle; we weren’t able to afford the cost of repairs, since it was an older car and required a number of fixes.
That was a memory… moving on to an opinion now, namely to an opinion about hybrid cars. I have looked at the site reviewing a hybrid Toyota Camry and I’m a little puzzled now by some of the advantages and disadvantages listed there: how can a ride be “well-controlled” and at the same time it is “ Difficult to maintain steady speed without cruise control” and it “Doesn't handle as well as other Camrys”?? Like I said, I do not know much about automobiles, but these statements seem to be contradictory.
Also, I would actually prefer my hybrid (if I were inclined to purchase one) to look more like a standard, everyday, although somewhat sporty car rather than some futuristic gizmo, so I would rather disagree with one of the points on the disadvantage side as listed by the reviewer.
There is a long list of hybrid cars here, which prompts me to express my general opinion about hybrids: HELLO – the energy that does not come from gasoline still has to come from somewhere, it doesn’t just plop into the battery freely from outer space. I think in the US hybrids make more sense, since so much electricity is generated by atomic power stations, which is probably the cleanest and least obtrusive source; but in Europe, like in my native Poland, where they have to burn the ugly black coal and create the ugly black smoke to get pretty much all of their power – how does it help the environment? Wouldn’t gas-burning be actually healthier than coal-burning?
I also looked at the full review of 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid. I was curious to see the "two-tier" dashboard display, so I went to the 360 Tour of the interior - and I must say I like it! I think I could easily get used to it.

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